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Code of Ethics

Fairness and social responsibility

We at Tutela Digitale act in the reputational sector by eliminating negative and defamatory content, in full compliance with the laws in force in the countries in which we operate.

Our duty prohibits us from deleting or modifying any information that deals with news deriving from the following crimes:

• Crimes against minors
• Sexual offenses
• Crimes for terrorist purposes

Confidentiality and respect for privacy

With our work, we want to offer concrete tools to protect against fake news and ensure the confidentiality of information, as well as compliance with the legislation on personal data. Our employees and collaborators recognize the right to the confidentiality of personal data as fundamental and undertake to protect and not disclose confidential information concerning the company and customers.

Training and awareness

We aim to improve the digital ecosystem by implementing training projects on the conscious use of the internet, counteracting disinformation, and combating forms of violence and hatred on the web, to protect the reputation of individuals, companies, and institutions. 
Specifically, we are committed to spreading studies and research on issues relevant to the community that aim to raise awareness about disinformation, hatred, and violence on the net.

Precision and competence

We know how a reputational crisis can seriously damage your image or that of your company, so in our work, we always focus on listening to your needs and requirements. Our team is able to remove content in just one week from the moment of actual request, thus protecting your digital image without having to resort to expensive legal proceedings.

Combating violence against animals

We work with Oipa to combat violence against animals and eliminate videos, images, and other content from the web that contain abuse and mistreatment of animals from the web, through the Stop Viral Animal Cruelty project.