The web requires speed and specific skills. We use technology to support the work of specialist
lawyers and reputational marketing experts to solve online issues


Expert Lawyers in the right to be forgotten, data privacy, intellectual property, criminal law, legal<br /> data processing.


We use monitoring and elimination platforms that can be accessed online by the client.


Specialists in SEO and reputation marketing for the analysis and building of online reputation.


Gabriele Gallassi Co-founder – Head of Business

Sveva Antonini Head of legal department
Flora Pinotti Sano Partner, COO
Leonardo Bergonzoni Web reputation department
Annalisa Desiderio Administration
Elettra Notari Technical Department
SimonLuca Renda Communication Specialist
Claudia Taccani Legal Department

Offical Partner

Tutela Digitale | Diritto All'Oblio | Red Points

Tutela Digitale was born from Red Points, a company specializing in the elimination of piracy and
online counterfeiting.