LinKiller – Tutela Digitale’s Web App

Negative content on the Internet might damage your reputation. Remove it with LinKiller.

LinKiller monitors the Web, locates negative content regarding companies and individuals and eliminates them from the Net.




What does LinKiller do?

We share information on the Internet, but we cannot always remain in control of it. In addition, third parties may upload content that concerns us (images, videos, etc.) or post it on our behalf (newspaper articles, posts, comments). Here is the purpose of LinKiller: to find all content that undermines the reputation and eliminate or de-index it from the Web.


How does it work?

LinKiller is immediate and fast: an app that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

You can check in real time the negative content, the number of deleted links, the progress of the removal and de-indexing process and the sources where the content has been published.


How do I get the Web App?

To access the LinKiller software go to