LinkBetter: Positive SEO service

What is Positive SEO? It is a strategy for creating positive online content. When the Right to be forgotten is no longer sufficient, the situation can become difficult. How can you remove articles from prying eyes that you do not want to appear on the web? For these situations, LinkBetter designed by Tutela Digitale is the answer.


What is LinkBetter?

LinkBetter is the exclusive Positive SEO service by Tutela Digitale. Together with our SEO experts we generate positive online content, from websites to social profiles. Thanks to established techniques, we are able to completely rewrite your digital identity, obtaining the best positions in Google’s SERP. In this way the negative news, while remaining on-line, slips into the lower ranking positions, whereas the positive content emerges. Building your digital identity is the first step to protecting your online reputation!


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Our strategy consists of several techniques:


Personalized Positive SEO strategy

LinkBetter is a service that offers a customized SEO strategy, developed to increase the ranking of positive content on Google therefore lowering the position of less favourable content.


Websites and social profiles

We rebuild your digital identity by creating dedicated websites, developing articles and generating profiles on social networks. We recreate an entire digital universe in your name.


Link building and positive PR

The creation of a dense network of digital connections and relationships with other realities to consolidate the digital identity created is among LinkBetter’s strategies.


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